Creating a diverse, clean transportation sector is key to a well-rounded climate action plan. Electric vehicles are one great way to get around efficiently and lower your carbon footprint.

Are you considering a new electric vehicle? There are 16 different EV models available now in the Midwest.

ELPC has gathered intel on these EV choices. Use our interactive online tool to compare them based on charging time, driving range, price, and other factors to find the EV that’s right for your lifestyle. also includes information about charging options and incentives from both utilities and states.

ELPC is working to advance policies that support electric cars, plug-in hybrids and charging infrastructure that reduces our dependence on foreign oil, produce less pollution than conventional cars, can help consumers save money as gas prices fluctuate, and create job growth potential in the auto industry.

Consumers are increasingly interested in electric cars, but Midwest-specific information is often hard to come by as EV manufacturers focus first on California and the East Coast. The tools on ELPC’s are specifically designed for Chicago and Midwest consumers as they make car-buying decisions.


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